Impresario ® Arts School is a registered school with registered curriculum Imagine Inventions ® with The Ministry of Education, Singapore and a student care centre/comcare administrator registered with The Ministry of Social and Family Development, Singapore. GEBIZ EPPU S3.


Social Mission


Impresario ® would like to reach out to the community and provide dynamic educational programs.




Impresario ®  fires up students learning with multiple angles of learning; from learning skills such as paying attention, listening, comprehension, memory retention and problem solving to game and brain based programs using computers. 


We want students to enjoy broadening their knowledge base; read and learn more, do more research; online and off, Learn to be more creative; imagine, innovate and invent using our proven formulas.


We develop their minds at a deep cognitive level; conceptual, structural, and operational through brainstorming ideas, experimental project problem solving, project coordination and management, Power up speech ; confidence, rhythm, pronunciation and vocal prowess through presentation of games. Pump up their physical motor skills through dance fitness and sports based games. Foster better social and team building skills through project, team and multiple intelligence based learning,